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TBS is committed to utilising and promoting timber as a material of choice. Timber has the best thermal insulation properties and has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material.

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Our patented post-tensioning technology allows for quick and easy field installation, while providing our clients with a competitive costing model. Projects can be delivered at least 30% faster than traditional construction methods, providing further operational and financial savings.

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…and quality

Using quality processes borrowed from the automotive manufacturing industry, our system provides greater design oversight and superior quality, resulting in less defects and predictable quality control at every step of our operation.

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Revolutionary Building System

Our patented technology utilizes an innovative post-tensioning connection system representing more than a decade of learnings in the prefabricated and modular construction field.
The connection system is integrated into engineered wood wall panels to provide a cost effective and quick to assemble building system, suitable for multi-level commercial and residential buildings.